Monday, August 17, 2009


What do Madonna, New York City, Prince, Pepsi-cola, and OUR FILM all have in common?

They've changed their names and become GREAT!!!

THE EATERS is now known to the world as EAT ME!
(that's right, exclamation point and all EAT ME!)

Just to clarify: No, the movie hasn't suddenly become soft porn. It's the same movie that you know and love, just with a dynamic new name. Like Prince! Or Google!

We're gearing up for heavy festival submissions and wanted to begin with a title that would reach out and grab our viewers, be they festival screeners, potential distributors, or Johnny Youtubepeeper (You've met Johnny, right? No, YOU ARE JOHNNY! We all are.)

We're also going to be experimenting with the art and copy to try to best capture the unique spirit of our zombie comedy. So check back for updates.

As an indie, our biggest challenge is just getting the right people to stop and WATCH. We see this rascally title change as a fun, easy way to make people take a second look, and hey, there's no arguing that it's anything but a perfect match for the anarchic spirit of the movie.

So keep checking the updates, and tell all your friends EAT ME!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Zombie Cinderella Story

Things have been changing mighty quickly in the past few days in the land of all things EATERS. We had a *mystery guest*, who turned out to be an established NYC producer, attend our New Filmmakers screening last week. Evidently, he liked what he saw, because we are now in talks to take Eaters onto the world stage. It's terribly exciting, and we will keep all cast, crew and fans updated as things develop.

On a sad note though, in order to protect the best interests of the film while we develop a big picture plan, we've had to put a hold on our festival screenings. This means that we have had to withdraw from the Revenant Film Festival, which is a bummer. Based on the remaining line-up, we're sure that Revenant will still be a great fest full of awesome zombie madness.

Stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fests and Festivities

The Eaters team passed a fantastic night yesterday at the Anthology Film Archives where The Eaters screened as part of the New Filmmakers NY Series.

The turnout was amazing and the crowd was wonderfully responsive. We made a lot of new friends and were able to reconnect with some familiar faces. It was hard not to be blown away by all the people that came out to support our indie film. It reminded us in a very real way just how truly remarkable the NYC film community really is.

We love you NYC artists and supporters!


We've just been invited to screen at the Revenant Film Festival in Seattle, Washington!

On September 26, "Eat Me!" will screen with four other carefully curated zombie films at this one-day celebration of cinema's flesh-eating darlings. We're extremely honored to be chosen for this highly selective fest, which received film submissions from all over the globe.

It is also notable that Revenant will be our first non-New York festival. We cant wait to take our zeds to the West Coast and see what all that fresh air does to them.

Stay Tuned for more details!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

NY Press Article: Eat Me! Brooklyn’s zombie auteurs flesh out the details of "The Eaters"

"New York Press chatted with Katie Carman (director, producer) and Elizabeth Lee (actress, writer, producer) to talk about fusing the searches for blunts and brains..."

Check out the full article here.